Zulu Trade Review


Zulu Trade is the worlds first and leading Social Trading Platform. It was founded in 2007 due to the non-existence of any decent web-platforms that could audit traders globally and at the same; enable Traders to share their knowledge with people interested in their strategies.

In 2017, ZuluTrade has joined forces with Formax Group. Both ZuluTrade and Formax share a vision to become the world‘s largest one-stop financial community that can meet investment requirements by offering customer-focused solutions while also building the largest Social Trading Community in the globe!

Advantages of ZuluTrade:

• More than 50 Brokers to choose, serving 120 countries

• 1.5 Million USERS and 30k Traders to follow. A wide variety of available strategies, suitable for a variety of Followers (investors) needs

• Proprietary platform based on our own advanced technology

• Unique Auto-trading and risk management features available; such as ZuluRanking and ZuluGuard

• Automator tool allows a new User to Follow Traders while applying their own rules

• Unique understanding, insights, and experience in Forex Market, Cryptos, and CFDs

• Expert Advisors (EAs) and Trading Scripts are supported

• Seamless UI and UX, ZuluTrade is also available in App stores for Android and ios

Traders Profit Sharing Program

ZuluTrade proudly presents a new innovative Traders compensation program, the “Profit-Sharing”, a breakthrough among Social Trading Networks around the web!

With the Profit-Sharing Program, Followers auto-trade with discounted commissions and they only pay off Traders that generate profits in their accounts!

Why would Live Followers select the new model?

  • Reduced trading cost; Followers who will select to operate on a Profit-Sharing account will benefit from discounted Broker commissions on their trading.
  • A win-win situation; Traders and Followers share the same interests, the more profits generated on a Follower’s account, the higher the compensation will be for the Trader. Simple and clear!
  • Profitable Traders get rewarded – losing Traders get penalized; Followers will be sharing a portion of their monthly earnings only with their lucrative Traders while losing Traders will get penalized. Fair and transparent!
  • Enhanced Direct Communication; this new model promotes a deeper bond between Follower-Trader, fostering powerful collaboration towards a common goal.

What are the benefits for Traders?

  • Sharing Profits; Traders who generate profits for their Followers will be rewarded by each Follower on a monthly basis.
  • Unique High Profit Sharing Ratio; Traders will receive 20% of the profits they generate for their Followers accounts.
  • Effectiveness; Traders will prove their skills on money and risk management and they will create a prosperous long-term investment for their Followers.
  • You are the “Master of the Game”; no manual interference on your trades, Followers will copy your signals on a pro-rata mode.

How does Profit-Sharing work?

A Follower operating on a Profit – Sharing account is copying a Trader.

The Follower is charged a 20% fee (Performance Fee) only when the monthly PnL from the Trader is profitable.

On the other hand, the Trader is compensated based on a 50% Payment-Reserve Scheme. The 50% of the accrued commissions are being credited in the Trader’s account, while the remaining 50% is reserved to ensure future profitable trading performance.