Crown Management

The Crown Account is a fully managed service and provides an investment opportunity to individuals who are serious about building financial wealth

The problem Most conventional forms of investment don’t offer a solution to building real financial wealth or the ability to be a life changing decision. In many cases your investment will battle to outperform annual inflation and may even be decreasing in real terms every year.

The reality is that the returns which are offered by financial institutions are not lucrative enough for the average person. Most individuals don’t have a large sum of money to invest but still need to grow in their financial standing and improve on their future financial outlook.

The solution

At Green Box Markets we have spent the last two years developing a strategy with which to approach the financial markets in a conservative way but still achieve excellent returns on investment. Our strategy’s core focus is in the foreign exchange market where we look to capitalise on trending currency pairs while maintaining a high degree of focus on risk management.

Our analysis of the Forex market combined with many hours of dedicated work, yielded a strategy which identifies predictable price movements and trend changes with precise entry and exit points.

The result is a conservative and low risk approach to trading the Forex market with high probability trade entries and excellent performance. Our strategy will risk between 1.5% – 2% of capital per trade with potential profit targets of up to approximately 6%. This means that our average risk to reward ratio is in excess of 1:3. We always employ fixed stop loss levels so as to ensure protection of capital and maintain strict money management principals.

Consistency over time is the key to being successful on the financial markets and we project that our strategy will average between 5% – 10% per month return. That is more than 10 times what can be expected from conventional forms of investment. We employ a compounding model with our trading strategy as well which accelerates the rate of growth substantially as the account increases in value.

How does this benefit you?

The Crown Account is a fully managed service where our clients benefit from our revolutionary strategy without the need to trade for themselves. Forex trading is complicated and demands dedication as well as a lot of time in order to do successfully. Less than 5% of retail Forex traders are successful and most people end up losing money when attempting to trade.

Open a Crown Account with Green Box Markets and rest assured that your hard earned funds are in experienced hands. Forget about the stress that comes with attempting to trade for yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to build real financial wealth over the next few years. This is not a get rich quick scheme and we are certainly not promising the unrealistic returns that are often seen on social media platforms. We are offering a solution to a very real problem that is faced by the majority of people and families all over the world. A systematic and predefined approach to being consistently successful on the financial market.

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